Hair Analysis Fees

Initial Report of Findings  $75.00

Dietary Profile  $25.00

Re-Analysis and Report  $65.00

Repeat Dietary Profile  $25.00

Duplicate Reports  $20.00

Consultation time per 1/2 hour  $50.00

A typical initial report will include analysis of the first hair sample and a detailed dietary plan based on your metabolic type. If you and Dr. Moore decide that you should both have copies of the report so you can confer by telephone, we will need to order duplicate copies of both the analysis and the dietary recommendations. Most consultations can be completed in a half hour unless you have a lot of questions.

Telephone Consultations

After the initial conversation, our office will send you a packet that includes the questionnaire, a cardboard scale to weigh your hair sample, and a small envelope for you to put the hair in.

In most cases, you will send in the sample yourself, so please fill out the questionnaire as completely as you can. Once we each receive our copies of the reports, and our office has received payment for the analysis, expected consultation time, and initial supplements, we can set up a time for your telephone consultation. If we exceed the initial time estimate, you will be billed for the overage.

E-mail questions can often be handled without extra charge as long as you keep it short. If it requires significantly more time, there will be a charge based on the $50.00 per half hour fee.

Sample charges for the initial hair analysis ($75.00), dietary plan ($25.00), duplicate reports of both ($40.00) and a 1/2 hour consultation by phone ($50.00): approximately $190.00. Supplements are extra and typically run about $120.00-$180 per month. Other supportive modalities may be recommended depending on your individual situation.

Re-analysis is usually performed about every three months, but may be done sooner if it seems that your metabolic rate has changed.

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