In addition to teaching her practice members about incorporating support modalities into their Vibrant Health lifestyle, Dr. Moore also presents seminars to health professionals. Currently, she is offering an Introduction to Essential Oils for laypeople and health practitioners. This three-hour, Saturday afternoon class includes descriptions of nine common essential oils and oil blends that provide the foundation for a family first-aid kit

Does Johnny have a cold coming on?
We’ve got oils for that.

Did Susie fall off the jungle gym?
We’ve got oils for that.

Does Dad have headaches that won’t quit?
We’ve got oils for that. 

Does Mom need help balancing hormones?
We’ve got oils for that, too.

This is a great place to start if you’re not sure how deeply you want to delve into the world of essential oils. If you decide to learn more, you may want to make the leap into The Power of Plant Oils. This is a year-long certification course that covers academic topics in-depth and requires concentrated study.

Dr. Lisa Moore

About the Instructor

Your instructor, Dr. Lisa Moore, has been using essential oils in her chiropractic practice for over ten years. In 2008, she completed her own journey through a year-long certification course that prepared her to take the national registration exam.

Dr. Moore has combined the knowledge she acquired through this rigorous study with her clinical experience, and constructed a brand new class based on a certification course offered by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. The result is an aromatherapy program like no other!

Here's what others have to say about Dr. Moore's teaching style:

"Dr. Moore presents her material in an easily understandable way; it makes it simple to grasp and fun to learn."
—Diane Adams, Caregiver

"I always enjoy Dr. Moore's classes. I especially liked the demonstration of the rainbow-colored benzene ring in chemistry. Who knew that essential oils could dance???"
—Elizabeth Griggs, CMT

What Dr. Moore has to say:

"Seeing the light bulb go on as students learn something new, or re-learn old concepts in an new way, gives me such pleasure. Teaching is so rewarding and each class is so different. Just like a river, you can't jump into the same place twice! I hope all my students come away with a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature as they experience plants and plant oils more fully."



Scentsational Seminars

At Scentsational Seminars, we specialize in educational opportunities for all types of learners.

We provide local, traditional-style, classroom trainings that combine instruction, demonstration, and student participation with home-based, self-study; online webinar and written materials for distance/home-study; and aromatherapy journeys that include various combinations of aromatherapy education, adventure travel, and cultural experience.

These offerings will grow and evolve with input from our current and future participants. Currently, we have three seminars in the works (click titles for more information):


The Power of Plant Oils
Local to the Sacramento region, a 13-module, professional-level, Aromatherapy Certification course.

The Power of Plant Oils - Online version
Take the same great class via webinar in the comfort of your own home.

Aromatic Chiropractic
Approved by the California State Board of Chiropractic for 12 hours of continuing education.


For more info and travel costs: email Dr. Moore
or call 530 613-0831

Opening the Heart

Emotion and Essential Oils

Thurs, Feb 19, 2019

Introduction to Essential Oils
No class scheduled at this time
A two-hour introductory class

The Essential Medicine Cabinet
No class scheduled at this time
This class covers common health situations and ways to address them with natural means.

I Have One Nerve Left...and You're
Getting on It

Stress and Essential Oils

No class scheduled at this time

May the Force be With You

Boosting your immune System with Essential Oils

No class scheduled at this time

Essential Oil Journeys

For more info and travel costs: email Dr. Moore
or call 530 613-0831

Experience Provence!
Coming Soon


Sedona, Arizona
April 16-20 2016

“A life-changing experienc,” said one of the participants on our way back to the Phoenix airport from our last adventure.


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